The Top Cryptocurrency Conferences to Attend

Attending conferences is an excellent way to extend your involvement in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. These conferences and events can provide networking opportunities, introduce you to new ideas and technologies, and deliver a platform for promoting your own blockchain innovations or your crypto company. With the rise of crypto, there are hundreds of conferences in the field each year, all varying sizes and with different focuses. Here are some of the top crypto conferences you may want to make a point of attending, either this year or in the future.

Blockchain Connect Conference

There is at least one Blockchain Connect Conference per year and while you already missed the one in January, you should pay attention to news of the next one. This most recent version of the conference was officially “Blockchain Connect Conference: Academic 2019” and the theme was “Academic.” It included blockchain professors, technical experts, and public chain projects that use the most advanced technology. The focus of the discussion was on blockchain academic research, including problems and solutions. In addition to those experts, Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, spoke.

Previously, the Blockchain Connect Conference – Silicon Valley 2018 covered two days and featured blockchain start-ups showing off their ideas and projects. Before that, a January 2018 Blockchain Connect Conference focused on Blockchain Evolution in U.S. and China. It was the very first blockchain conference for the United States and China together and included more than 1,000 scientists, developers, investors, and entrepreneurs. Speakers included the founder of Litecoin and the CEO of Ripple.

The Blockchain Event

The next Blockchain Event will be Feb. 12 to 14 of next year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The focus of this blockchain conference is on solutions and education for all industries. The idea is that the conference helps everyone, regardless of industry, take advantage of live blockchain solutions that allow them to disrupt their industries and adapt to the needs of the market.

The conference includes panel discussions, keynote speakers, and case studies to help developers, decision-makers, and technologists understand how blockchain can improve their industry. It looks at using blockchain to resolve business issues, developing and implementing blockchain projects, real-world and practical use cases, the future of blockchain, and benefits businesses already experience from blockchain incorporation.

The 2020 Blockchain Event will have additional dedicated content on blockchain in fintech and its assistance in developing a new global economy. It will still, however, include information on how blockchain can disrupt and enhance other industries. You can already register for the next Blockchain Event.

Blockchain Expo

The Blockchain Expo hosts several events every year around the world. Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 will be in RAI Amsterdam on June 19 and 20 while Blockchain Expo North America 2019 will be in Silicon Valley, California on Nov. 13 and 14.

Both events will be in the same spot and time as the IoT Tech Expo, the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo, and the AI & Big Data Expo, letting attendees explore how all these technologies work together.

The expos include discussions and presentations on blockchain in relation to platforms and strategies, enterprise, application development, financial and crypto services, business, technology, and more. There will also be a zone for innovators and investors. This conference claims to be the largest “blockchain conference and exhibition” in the world and it focuses on enterprise technology in the future.

Blockchain Summit

The Blockchain Summit markets itself as the leading blockchain event for business in Europe. This year’s Blockchain Summit is coming up on June 26 and 27 in Olympia, London. If you cannot attend this year, know that this is already the third year of the event, so it will almost certainly occur again next year. Current and past partners have included major tech companies like Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Cognizant, ConsenSys, EY, Accenture, Dell, and KPMG.

The conference always spans two days and includes an exhibition. The focus of the Blockchain Summit is on business related to distributed ledger technology and blockchain. It includes networking opportunities, visionary speakers, and unique content. There are more than 100 speakers who are leaders in the industry, along with panel debates and keynote presentations.

The conference also includes multiple real-world case studies so that attendees can see what it is like to incorporate blockchain into your business. The program for the Blockchain Summit is specifically created to provide insight, learning, and discussion with leaders in the industry. The program is also highly interactive, featuring opportunities to meet the speakers, exhibitor demo talks, and roundtable discussions.


The Bloconomic Expo 2019 is coming up on Aug. 15 and 16, bringing in those from around South East Asia, Malaysia, and the world. This conference will look at the future prospects of blockchain as well as its real use cases in relation to digital identity authentication, Internet of Things, healthcare, travel, electronic record authentication, global payment systems, finance, energy trading, government governance, E-KYC, supply chain management, and more. It will also explore challenges and opportunities in the future.

The goal behind Bloconomic is to develop a blockchain developer and entrepreneur network. It also aims to explore new models for businesses as well as potential unrecognized opportunities. Topics range from mass adoption to keeping digital assets and blockchain safe via decentralization to blockchain’s potential to revolutionize the local business industry.

In preparation for the expo, the committee members have talked to blockchain experts worldwide and visited the U.S., China, Dubai, Singapore, Germany, and more, bringing back resources and knowledge. If you miss the 2019 expo, there will likely be a 2020 event as well. The 2018 Bloconomic Expo featured 3,000 attendees plus 30 association members and regulators for SEA, 150 media partners, 250 venture capital and investors, 70 global speakers, 10 universities and academies, and governments from around the world. This year’s event should have similarly varied attendees.

Crypto Finance Conference

The next Crypto Finance Conference is not until January 2020, specifically 15 to 17, giving you plenty of time to plan your trip to attend. This is a three-day conference that prides itself on being highly exclusive and appealing to investors in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It includes institutional as well as private investors as well as leading providers.

It includes networking opportunities, investment opportunities, and plenty of expert education. It also tends to be in gorgeous locations, as previous venues were in the Swiss mountains and Half Moon Bay, California. The January 2020 conference will be in St. Moritz, Switzerland at a five-star location. In the past, the Crypto Finance Conference had one event in January 2019 and two in 2018.

This a unique cryptocurrency conference since it is more exclusive. The participants are hand-picked so all attendees and speakers can get the most out of the conference. You can already apply to attend the next Crypto Finance Conference.

Event Horizon Summit

The Event Horizon Summit is an annual Energy Blockchain Summit and claims to be the leading conference of its type in Europe. It will take place on June 19 and 20 in Berlin, but if you miss this year’s event, there will likely be another next year as this is far from the first Event Horizon Summit. The conference covers two days and has four stages, 1,000 attendees, more than 80 speakers, and 20 start-up pitches.

The Event Horizon Summit has a very admirable goal, of helping the energy market get to zero carbon. It feels this is possible via blockchain and its ability to generate, track, trade, and store energy. Thanks to this goal, the summit is the most influential of the renewable energy tech summits in Europe.

Topics include blockchain’s role in energy, renewable energy certificates, peer-to-peer, overcoming regulation and legal challenges, developing energy blockchain use cases, electrical vehicle management, and green credit trading. There will also be showcases of new products and information and presentations from blockchain solution partners. In fact, the conference prides itself on spanning 43 different topics, from blockchain 101 to smart contracts to entry access to energy web chains. Not all the topics covered at Event Horizon Summit explicitly connect to blockchain, but most do connect in at least some way.

The Event Horizon Summit is also highly international, with speakers coming from South America, Central America, Africa, Germany, the USA, and more. Thirty-eight percent are female and 62 percent are male, making it one of the more diverse conferences in terms of speakers. Overall, there are professionals from 26 countries, with 75 percent from Europe, 10 percent from Asia, and 15 percent from the rest of the world.

Malta AI & Blockchain Summit

The Malta AI & Blockchain Summit takes place twice every year, with a spring edition and a winter edition. The spring edition already took place on May 23 and 24 and the winter edition will be on Nov. 7 and 8. There will be 10,000 attendees in addition to 1,500 investors, 400 exhibitors, and the leading minds in the world in both blockchain and artificial intelligence.

This is a unique conference due to its location in Malta and the actions of the Malta government. The Maltese Government is enacting a bill that gives a DAO legal personality and there is a Maltese task force working to incentivize businesses working with Artificial Intelligence.

Last year’s Malta AI & Blockchain Summit was a success and included Scott Stornetta who is the father of blockchain plus Sophia the first robot citizen in the world plus other big names. So far, planned speakers for the winter 2019 summit include Chionh Chye Kit (co-founder and CEO of Cynopsis Solutions), Stephen M. Meade (CEO and founder of MonetaPro), Daniel Doll Steinberg (co-founder of Atari Token), Jillian Godsil (founder of Blockleaders), and Earle G. Hall (CEO of Axes).

North American Bitcoin Conference

This year’s North American Bitcoin Conference already took place, but the next one will be in Miami from Jan. 15 to 17, 2020. The conference already has some information up on its website, so it is not too early to start planning your trip to attend. This is the longest running conference within the world of blockchain, with the first one in 2013 and a total of 18 so far.

The North American Bitcoin Conference will include a security token panel to look at the market for this new token type and how it can provide opportunities for global investments. Keynote speakers at this conference tend to be major players in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, covering a range of topics from token sale mechanics to Bitcoin and Ethereum to regulation. There are also plenty of on-stage discussions on those and other topics.

There is also always a Lightning Networking event during the conference. This is speed networking hourly. The gong rings every four minutes and you get to network with a new person. The conference features an exhibitor hall where attendees can interact with various companies in the crypto industry. There are even opportunities for token pitches from STOs and TCOs. Overall, The North American Bitcoin Conference features more than 150 of the most famous speakers in the world and more than 4,500 senior executives, CEOs, investors, government officials, and VIPs.

Romania Blockchain Summit

The Romania Blockchain Summit will take place this year on June 21 and 22 in Bucharest, Romania. This conference advertises itself as the biggest industry summit in South-Eastern Europe. It brings together the public sector in Romania along with developers, political decision-makers, global leaders and entrepreneurs, innovators, and researchers.

The goal of the Romania Blockchain Summit is to promote the blockchain technology benefits as well as its various use cases. Those use cases promoted include its role as a key opportunity for social and economic progress in the European Union and Romania. Other objectives are to create a dialogue between the private sector, regulators, and the Romanian government and to identify and debate important issues with blockchain technology as well as its use cases.

The summit comes from the Romanian Ministry for Communications and Information Society, Asociatia Blockchain Romania, and Asociatia Pentru Tehnologii Avansate. The speakers for this conference include major players in blockchain from all around the world. They include Mihai Alisie (co-founder of Ethereum), Livio Weng (CEO of Huobi Global), and more.

Planned panels and speakers will cover topics in relation to the blockchain, such as government incentives, becoming an alternative for fiat, liberating energy, banking, energy, utilities, charities, AI, insurance, public administration, STOs and ICOs, data protection, public services, personal health management, security, hospitality, and robotics. There will also be plenty of time for networking and a pitch content. There will even be some sightseeing worked into the schedule.

World Blockchain Forum

This year’s World Blockchain Forum will take place in London from Sept. 2 to 4. The event includes world-class presenters as well as panel discussions focused on insights into blockchain and AI. There are also presentations and information on leading blockchain projects and advances.

The conference is from the same organizers as the North American Bitcoin Conference, meaning the organizers already have 18 of the most innovative financial conferences in the world under their belts. They also have more than 40 of the most famous speakers. There will also be plenty of networking events.

The World Blockchain Forum’s agenda is still not final, but topics will include banking on blockchain, “cytherphunks” vs. Wall Street, blockchain based identity, blockchain for renewable energy, blockchain and gambling, and regulation, just within the morning of the first day. Other panels and speakers will look at blockchain related to things like medicine, stable coins, e-commerce, data, voting, authoritarian governments, privacy, artificial intelligence, energy, and more.

World Crypto Conference

This year’s World Crypto Conference will be in Las Vegas from Oct. 29 to 31 and is the second annual conference. It lines up perfectly with Vegas Blockchain Week. The conference will span three days, with panel discussions, expert keynote addresses, product demos, networking, announcements, and intense discussions.

Attendees and speakers will include enthusiasts, professionals, and executives from global companies as well as traders, financial service providers, academic institutions, blockchain start-ups, application developers, policy advisors, and more. The conference acts as a global stage for those in the industry to share the latest technology and news. In 2018, 2,471 people attended the conference and organizers expect 5,500 attendees for 2019, and to hit 8,500 attendees for the 2020 event.

The conference will include four different stages, letting it offer 125 speakers, all of which the team hand-picked. These include the Main Conference, the Mining Conference, the Multiple Blockchain Developer Conference, the Allocation Lounge, the Networking Events, and various Educational Workshops. Expect conversations and presentations about real-world use cases of digital currency and blockchain plus how this emerging tech disrupts industries. It will look at problems to solve and expected future adoption.


These are just a sampling of the cryptocurrency events taking place in the next year or so. There are similar events in nearly every part of the world, making it possible to find one close to you if you prefer not to travel but want to get involved.


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